Are you ready to show off your nails this summer with bright and warm hues?

Summer will officially be here soon. We are all ready to venture outside of our homes and explore places other than our backyards. Many of us will also finally be with family and friends again that we haven’t seen in awhile. Some of us may even be preparing for a long awaited vacation and thinking about what clothes to take or what color your nails should be.

Satrell Beauty offers a variety of nail shades that will make your nails look bright, bold, and polished. You can explore some of the shades below that will inspire you to express the mood you’re in for the summer.


Bold & BrightHave some fun in the sun with this yellow shade that will let others know how enthused you are about finally being set free.

Bloom GracefullyA peach shade that will show you are ready to rejuvenate and reconnect with others.

Coco for MilkPurify your mind while wearing this white shade.

TigressFeel lively wearing this red-orange shade.

UnpredictableLet others expect the unexpected with the appearance of this dark grey shade on your nails.

Tropical GetawayRemain serene while wearing this turquoise shade on your favorite getaway.

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