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 A wife, mom, and now an entrepreneur Nichole Wright created Satrell, a beauty brand where you’ll find exclusive products that will inspire creativity and expression.  What better way to show creativity and be expressive by way of immersion into this industry?  The best way is to be FEARLESS and don’t worry about what others think. 

Our collection is cruelty free, free from harsh chemicals, and compliments all skin tones.
Our mission is to create beauty products that are long lasting, moisturizing, and hydrating.  We strive to offer our customers a selection of products that they are eager to acquire.
Our vision is to become a household brand name by achieving longevity in the beauty industry. This will come to fruition based on what our expectations are TODAY
Our brand will resonate the following core values: Passion | Trust | Boldness

Nichole Wright
Founder & CEO