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What’s your lip care routine?

What’s your lip care routine?

We are so focused on taking care of our skin, but overlook the fact that we should also take care of our lips. Our lips are something we should definitely pay attention to. You should not want to experience dry cracked lips. What steps are you taking to ensure that your lips are in great condition?

Below are a couple of products that should be part of your daily lip care routine.

Lip Scrub – A must-have product made out of sugar (sometimes salt) and nourishing oils used to exfoliate your lips and leave them feeling soft, smooth, moisturized, and hydrated.

Lip Balm - Apply to your lips to seal in moisture and avoid dry chapped lips.

Always remember to use these products before applying any lipstick or lip gloss to your lips. You should never want to apply any lip products without your lips being properly taken care of beforehand. Just like your skin your lips need some TLC as well. Your lips will thank you.

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