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A Beautiful Creation

A Beautiful Creation

Satrell Beauty was created by Nichole Wright in 2017. She had a passion to create a cosmetics line for the everyday woman. She had a mission to provide affordable, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly cosmetics.

She wanted a cosmetics brand where a woman can indulge in her beauty, be creative, be expressive, and confident in her own skin. At the same time offer products that EMBRACES beauty of all skin tones. 

Highlights of Satrell:

  • Satrell resonates the following core values: Passion, Trust, and Boldness 
  • Satrell offers high quality collection of cosmetics in a diversity of colors that will leave you looking polished.
  • Our brand will offer high quality collection of cosmetics that are long lasting, hydrating, and moisturizing.

Nichole understands that there are already established brands, but is not intimidated to add her creations or ideas to the mix.

Be on the lookout because there is more to come as Satrell Beauty expands.

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